IMPORTANT NOTICE: Spanish legislation is complex and extensive in general, being in particular the tax regulations complicate and variable, depending also on the different particularities of the regional legislations applicable in each of the 19 autonomous regions and two autonomous cities that form Spain.

SIMPLETAX is the result of a huge effort made by the team of professionals that back up the application, lawyers and tax advisors with extensive track record in the professional advice to foreign investors and residential tourism in Spain, to simplify to its maximum the complex legislation and develop an easy-to-use software product to help non-resident taxpayers to file their tax returns for their holiday properties in Spain.

SIMPLETAX SPAIN, S.L. is a licensed Firm, social partner of the Spanish Tax Authorities and entitled to file tax returns electronically on behalf of clients.

SIMPLETAX is only available for holiday properties that are used by the owners and not for properties that are rented out. If the latter is your case, please contact us at


If you are non-resident of Spain, you own a Spanish property and you do not rent it out, SIMPLETAX is for you.


You have to pay every year income tax in Spain on an imputed benefit in kind for your Spanish property. It is a self-assessment tax return so you have to manage yourself or get professional assistance.


SIMPLETAX helps you to fill in the forms, submit the tax returns and ask for a direct debit order to pay the taxes from your own bank account, in a secure and easy way from mobile devices or computers.


The app is for free. You pay to SIMPLETAX only when you file your tax returns. Pricing is based on the number of house owners.


Get your taxes done right anytime, anywhere.

Simpletax is easy to use in 3 simple steps:

1.Introduce property details

2.Introduce owners details

3.Link owners to properties

Simpletax guides you step-by- step with a simple wizard. Very useful when it is your first time.

Fastest e-file ever for subsequent years, especially if nothing has changed.

Like what you see?Download the app right now Download


Price is just 29€ (VAT included) per house owner and tax year

Check it, use it and get familiar with it for free. You introduce the information and simpletax calculates your tax liabilities for free. You pay only when e-filing the tax returns.

Just from €29

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